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We have been successfully home for nearly nine months after a 323 day ICU journey. We are a family of three, plus our two rescue dogs. 

My Hero Calls me Mama is the calling I've felt throughout the process of raising my twenty month old son Abel. This brand comes from my heart, and I have so much I'd like to do as it grows.

Our family is lucky enough to have Abel safely living at home, on Ventilator and Oxygen therapy via a tracheostomy, and he receives nutrition from a feeding tube. Abel was born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. During his 323 days inpatient of the ICU, he had a rocky course full of intubations and surgeries. Abel is currently at home, working with therapies in the home to help him developmentally. I like to refer to this as "Operation rehabilitate the baby".

There are many stories we have to share and topics I'd like to bring awareness to. By following My Hero Calls me Mama, we hope to help you stay hopeful, and truly wish that those of you who visit our site or shop our apparel, can relate to our story. Connection is a powerful thing. 




Proud Owner and Founder of My Hero Calls me Mama LLC

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  • Your husband reached out to us and we want to say thank you so much!!

    Sharon Shink

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