Walking into the New Year---


Whether you navigated to our page by accident, by a social media "click", or by word of mouth- 


2018 is coming to a close this very evening. It has been a tremendous year for our family in New Hampshire. I could write a book on the amazing, tearful, happy, and traumatic moments that have happened this year. 

My top memorable moments of 2018 as a medical Mama:

- Our first discharge home from the Med/Surg ICU after 323 days with our son Abel!

- Successfully transitioning from hospital to home. We rode out MANY waves this past year to keep our son safely home (aside from two extremely short inpatient stays).

- Our son came off of sedation after well over the initial four hundred days of his life. THAT'S HUGE. I'm proud. 

- We managed to get from an all formula diet to a blended/ whole foods diet at home. The milestones our son has reached since the transition have been remarkable.

- We've continued learning every single day what life as a parent to a medically complex child means. ADVOCATE, ADVOCATE, ADVOCATE.

- My Hero Calls me Mama was born. THIS RIGHT HERE!!!!! Tears of joy.


Thank you all for following us. Sharing our journey with you all isn't always simple. Our dreams for 2019 are to reach more people who need to feel united, inspired, and connected.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for every FOLLOW, SHARE, LIKE, SILENT READ, and PURCHASE OF OUR APPAREL. This little journey would absolutely not be feasible without an army behind and beside us. I truly wish you all a healthy start to 2019.


With gratitude,

Dee -  Founder and Proud Owner of My Hero Calls me Mama



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